Anniversary of Expo 2015: our soil chosen for 4 pavilions

Exactly six years ago, on May 1, 2015, an event of historic and international importance such as Expo 2015 was inaugurated in Milan.
The theme selected was: “Feeding the planet, energy for life“. 137 countries participated, with over 22 million visitors.
Today, Italiana Terricci celebrates this anniversary that touches us closely: three important pavilions such as Great Britain, Poland and Hungary have chosen the quality of our soil for their set up and green areas; the Rice and Cocoa cluster has also been entrusted to us for this planetary showcase.

United Kingdom pavilion
Hungary pavilion
Poland pavilion

ItalianaTerricci chosen for Expo 2015

Italiana Terricci is the reference manufacturer for the supply of soil and substrates for parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, terraces, sports fields, installations and green areas. Our products combine quality, innovation and sustainability, being the result of a wise operation of circular economy. Not only good and fertile soil, but also worked according to standards that have the environment at heart, with a view to recovery and enhancement. To make your own green space flourish while caring for the environment.

For us, the concept of quality is not limited to providing the best materials to the customer. In fact, we guarantee a professional assistance service with appropriate tools during delivery that has made us an essential reference point for our customers. Our fleet is in fact structured to deliver both in urban contexts, such as large cities, and in mountainous and hilly areas.

We are able to deliver everywhere: overcoming fences and hedges, placing on the ground on terraces and roof gardens, creating green areas within the enclosed courtyards of historic buildings, placing materials beyond barriers and boundary walls, making deliveries of material in narrow spaces where there is no possibility to occupy public land.


With our tool that allows you to calculate precisely how much soil you need it will be easy.

Make your vegetable garden, your garden, your terrace and your green areas bloom with Italiana Terricci’s soil, chosen also by important research institutes and by Expo 2015.